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What do people in successful marriages do?

Successful Marriages

Successful Marriages

Research suggests that successful marriages have the following six components: appreciation and affection, commitment, positive communication, time together, spiritual well-being, and the ability to cope with stress and crisis.

What can I do if I don´t like what my partner is doing?

Discussing what you don't understand

If you don't understand or like what your partner is doing, ask about it and why he or she is doing it. And vice versa. Explore. Talk. Don't assume.

What are some good things to do in marriage?

Show your love

Don't only tell your partner that you love them, but show it every day. Love is shown through little gestures such as holding hands, kissing on the porch, complimenting your spouse in public. Such acts show your love.

What gift can I give my spouse?

The Greatest Gift

While most of us spend lots of money during the holidays and on our anniversaries(Christmas, Valentines Day), seldom do we consider what gift would really make a difference in our marriage. My suggestion is to give ourselves. How?

1) Show love in ways your spouse needs you to
2) Be happy
3) Give without expectation of return
4) Find ways to make your spouse feel special

Remember the greatest gift you give will always take time and will include love.

What can help my marriage?

Learning Patience

Patience is a virtue! Patience helps marriages. Often in our busy society we rush and rush to get things done. In marriages we often act the same way society does, we rush and rush until life is no fun [taking a line from Alabama's song]. The best place to slow down is in marriage. This may require some patience due to the pace our society pushes us. But I recommend that we take time for talking, take time for sex, take time for an evening out, and take time to show your love. This isn't really patience it is common sense.

How can I make my marriage better?

Being The Right Person

A wise man once said, "Marriage is not so much finding the right person as it is being the right person." If everyone would take this saying and make it a part of their life we would have better marriages and a better society.

What are some good things to do in marriage?

Honesty and Trust in Marriage

Honesty and trust are the foundation of a good marriage. If you don't have trust, you can't have love. This is the one place in your life, at least, that you should always be open and honest.

How can I build up my spouses self-worth?

Giving Your Spouse a Compliment

Brag about your spouse to others, especially when they're in ear shot. It will boost your spouse's ego & they will want to continue making you happy & proud of them. Also, the other people will have more respect for them since you do too.

What are some good things to do in marriage?

Make a normal day a special holiday

Stimulate your marriage by creating a special holiday. This day can be once a month, or once a year. But make it your holiday. Celebrate your marriage on a day that isn't unique to anyone else but you. This day shouldn't be your anniversary either.

What can help my marriage?

5 Dos

Below is a list of five things to help your marriage.

A) Create time just to be with your spouse
B) Listen without criticizing
C) Ask for ideas on how you can make your marriage better
D) Be willing to do the things you want your spouse to do
E) Smile often

Do you have any fun date ideas?

A Fun Date Idea

If you would like to have a fun date. Sit down and write 10 things that you like about your spouse. Then go out to dinner and share those ten things with each other over dinner. Then give your copy to your spouse for them to keep and read when things are not going so well.

What are some of things NOT to do in marriage?

Sending double messages

A double message is a message that has two meanings that contradict each other. For example, if you are mad at your spouse and they ask if you are mad at them and your response is in a rough voice, "NO". Your actions speak louder than your words. Double messages are hard to interpret and can hurt the marital relationship.

What are some of things NOT to do in marriage?

A Few NOTS That Can Tie Up Your Marriage

There are numerous habits that can hurt marriages:
A) Taking your partner for granted.

B) Not being there when they need you. Thus oh!he or she can wait, or it is not so important.

C) Not listening. Start paying attention to comments made. Listen to what the partner has to say and be compassionate.

D) Not sharing: many partners keep to themselves, they do not tell their mates what bothers them, problems at work, school and so forth.

E) Not spending time together: many partners do not do things together, they think the other may not be interested or will not participate because he/she does not care.

If patners do the above a lot will be resolved for a healthy and sustainable mariage.

What should I be prepared for when I marry?

The Compromise

Marriage is a compromise. Be ready to compromise some of your wants for the sake of your partner`s wants.

What are some good things to do in marriage?

Day to Day Living

In the day to day living in marriage, we are often least polite to the ones who need and deserve it most. Thank each other for the things you do, praise each other and never forget to say I'm sorry. These may sound like trivial things, but lack of them has broken many a marriage.

How can I show my spouse I love them?


One of the best ways to value your partner is to show them by smiling at them and letting them know that they are of great value to you. Both men and women like it when their spouse smiles at them and tells them they love them. Further, look your spouse in the eyes and let them know they are the best.

Is it a good idea to marry my best friend?

Marriage & Friendship

Marry your best friend. He/she knows all the ins and outs of your life and accepts you anyway. What better person to spend the rest of your life with than some one who understands you. Always look for that friendship quality in the person and then let nature take its course. I married my best friend (26) years ago, we have taken licking but we are still going strong.

What are some good things to do in my marriage?

5 Don'ts

Below is a list of five things that can hurt your marriage.

A) Avoid resolving problems
B) Hide your emotions and true feelings from your spouse
C) Criticize your spouse
D) Lie
E) Avoid creating fun memories together

How can I show my spouse I love them?

Adding Some Spice to Your Married Life

Variety is the spice of life. I feel that marriages become complacent. Both parties feel that the chase is over,and once the marriage takes place,they no longer need to try as hard. Each person takes the other for granted. This happens with couples that experienced great relationships while dating. You often see couples split up,then get back together again. It's the old you never miss the water til the well runs dry syndrome.
I think the marriage vow starts us off on the wrong foot with til death do us part. It should be that I will stay with you,as long as you keep improving,and our marriage continues to grow. No employer says that you have your job forever,as you would not be motivated to perform well. What motivates a married couple that feels that someone is stuck with them til death. Prepare for everyday as your first date, anticipate that if your lucky, you may have a sexual encounter. We always feel that the other party will be available to take care of our needs.

How can you add spice to your marriage today? I bet you know just think about it.

How can we deal with trust issues in our marriage?

good marriage tip

trust, trust, trust..if she says she feels like this way, she does, it's not your fault, same goes for you..feelings are neither right nor wrong and trust each other in feelings as well as the relationship,(my hubby looks but i don't get jealous,he comes home to me) jealousy gets you no where.

What is a great gift I can give to my loved one?

A Gift To Remember

Some gifts simply last longer than others. Sometimes we think that it is the tie or tool set that we give to dad that he remembers. In reality the best gifts that we give aren't necessary material gifts they are gifts from the heart. Listed below is a short list of gifts that you can give to your loved one that can last a lifetime.

1) A letter apologizing for the things you did that may have hurt your loved one.

2) A poem written to your loved one expressing your love for them.

3) A picture book of your most favorite memories with them.

4) A gift or present that they wanted as a child but never received.

5) Spending a whole day with them instead of just one or two hours.

This is just a short list--If you have some other ideas that have been helpful to you and your loved one please email me and I will include them on this site.

What are some things to avoid doing in my marriage?

Pains of Pornography

Pornography has become a big part of our society. More and more marriages are impacted by it. Many women have told me how pornography has impacted their marriage. In many instances, the women have been uncomfortable with their spouses use of pornography. I suggest pornography has a high likelihood of negatively impacting a marriage. I have found that many couples struggle with this issue. I have never heard a couple say that pornography has helped their marriage. Based on the negative feedback I have received, I have come to believe that marriages will be more positive if pornography can be eliminated from a marriage.

Is it good to have certain roles in marriage?

Find Consensus in your roles

Couples that agree on their roles succeed in marriage. Marital satisfaction increases if the roles aren't set in stone throughout the marriage. Couples who agree to be flexible and take the needs of their spouse into consideration find more satisfaction in the marriage.

How can I destroy my marriage?

How to Destroy Your Marriage

While most people don't set out to destroy their marriage, many of these same people don't realize how easy it can be. While this tip is a little "tongue in cheek" think how many things on the list below fit with the people you know who have divorced.


1) Have an affair--one sure fire way to get your spouse off your back is to have an affair. This not only destroys their trust in you, it also hinders their ability to trust others.

2) Become verbally abusive-- One way to get everything you want in marriage is to criticize your spouse as much as you can. If you are really good you can act kind in public towards her/him and like a big jerk in private. This takes talent, but after lots of practice no one will believe your spouse when they say your are verbally abusive.

3) View pornography--Turn to pornography as a way of satisfying yourself. With internet making pornography so accessable forget your spouse. Who needs a companion who is real and loving anyway.

4) Work long hours--If the first three do not ruin your marriage, start working long hours. If you leave early enough and don't come home until the children are in bed and/or your spouse is exhausted you can clearly show your spouse that they don't matter to you.

Good luck to you--These are just a few of the ways that you can destroy your marriage. If you want more ideas on how to destroy your marriage--just look around you people are doing it all the time.

How can I show my spouse how much I value them?

Understanding the Value of Your Spouse

Unfortunately, many people don't recognize the value of their spouse until it it too late. It is easy to slip into the comfortable stage of relationships where we take each other for granted. One way to avoid this mistake is to take time each day to think about how your spouse benefits you. Then share your thoughts with your spouse. Let them know how much they mean to you.

What are some of things NOT to do in marriage?

Avoiding Psychological Games

When one person in a conflict seeks to inflict a loss on the other--to establish a "winner" and a "loser"--the couple has entered a pattern of interaction that may be considered a psychological game. These games keep couples from becoming closer and prevent the resolution any problems.

How does my past influence my current relationship?

Learning to express your anger

Every couple needs to trace the source of behaviors and attitudes, many of which turn out to have been handed down through their families of origin. Much unhappiness in relationships can be traced to the fact that one partner learned as a family rule never to express anger, or even perhaps happiness. Many people grow up learning to subjugate their own needs and feelings to those of others. Still the feelings influence present relationships, and until they can be brought into awareness and spoken, it is very difficult to improve current relationships.

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