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Do you have any ideas of what we can do on our second honeymoon?

A Few Fun Ideas

Are you considering a second honeymoon or just a weekend getaway? There are many fun adventures everywhere around you. One of the best anniversary getaways my wife and I had was at the "Apple Orchard Inn" in Missouri. It was a simple Bed and Breakfast joint but it was fun. It is always a good idea to ask locals what the best recreation, dinner, and entertainment places are in town. My advice is try something new, often you will be pleasantly surprised by the joy you can find in getting away from everything
for a while.

How can we afford a second honeymoon?

A Second Honeymoon With Little Money

For many couples a second honeymoon just doesn't seem like an option. Finances are tight. Or taking time off of work would be too hard. You know how it goes. A second honeymoon doesn't have to be expensive and time consuming. If planned right, it could be very inexpensive. Advance planning is important. For starters it is a good idea to call a travel agent and ask about peak times. When is the least busy time of the year to travel? When do agencies traditionally have sales? Do they offer package deals that make travelling cheaper? These are all fair questions.

If you are wanting to stay close to home, call your local better business bureau and ask about bed and breakfast's. Or sometimes large hotels will offer cheaper prices on weekdays rather than weekends.

Remember wise shoppers always learn the tricks before they even leave their home.

How can we renew our love for one another?

A Time for Renewal

A second honeymoon, doesn't it sound good? In our society many couples look back on their first honeymoon with a sincere longing for the freedom that was once theirs. As a couple they could go anywhere and do about anything. As the years progress, the romance wears off and patterns set in. Yet, the desire to renew our love shouldn't wear off. We should always work to create freshness in the marriage. That is why a well planned out second honeymoon could renew your commitment and love for one another.

How can I remember my anniversary?

Please Don't Forget

Have you ever forgot your anniversary? This is one event that forgetting one day will be something that will not be easily forgotten. In todays society it is easy to get busy, but we also have many tools for helping us remember. For example, there are websites that you type in key events and they will send you a reminder. Anniversaries are extremely important to women. As such we should let our wives know that we would marry them all over again.

Where can I find a good bed and breakfast?

Where Can I Find A Good Bed-n-Breakfast

If you are looking for a good site that will help you locate a good bed-and-breakfast in your state may I recommend that you check out http://www.bedandbreakfast.com/. This site has over 25,000 bed and breakfast listings for locations all over the world. If you like bed and breakfasts this site will thrill you.

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