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How does family time influence a marriage?

A Family Activity

In our marriages it is sometimes difficult to find time for family activities. We get busy with work, sporting events or other activities, but I have found that couples who find time to be together as a family have stonger marriages.

A family that plays together stays together.

How keep our marriage happy after the birth of our first child?

Marriage and Your First Child

While most people have heard that marriage satisfaction decreases after children are born, most people haven't been told that marriage satisfaction doesn't have to decrease once children are born. In fact, children can enhance a marriage. If you have just had your first child consider the following ideas to keep a spark in your marriage. First, it is a good idea to find time to be alone. If you can find a good babysitter try going out at least twice a month. Second, share personal ideas and thoughts on a daily basis. Third, include the child's growth and development in your talks. Fourth, both women and MEN need to be involved in parenting. Fifth, try to find individual time to develop personal skills.

What matters the most in marriage and parenting?

Help We Have a Child Now What

Don't panic. Being a parent for the first time is something that many people become anxious about. There isn't a drivers training course to prepare us. There aren't set techniques that work everytime. However, if couples can remember that it is your relationship that matters the most with this child. The child in infancy needs to feel loved by both mom and dad. Warm and caring parents have children who learn to be warm and caring. Each of us desires to feel loved. So if you are looking for answers to help your parenting, remember your relationship based on love is the best place to start teaching your child.

How can I help my child know that I love him/her?

Mom and Dad Time With Each Child

I have observed a fun activity that some couples do with each of their children and thought it might help others. The activity is for a couple to spend a night with one of their children alone. During the night it is mom and dad and child. This allows the parents to show that child some individual attention. If the parents will do this with each child they will find they can develop strong relationships with all of their children.

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