Are You Worried?

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Is marriage a thing of the past?

Are You Worried?

Have you seen the most recent statistics on marriage and families in the United States? Over the past decade nuclear families (meaning mom and dad with a child under 18 living at home) have decreased from roughly 25.5% to just over 23.5% of families. This means that the rest of ALL households are single people, single parents, couples cohabiting, etc. While the difference between 25.5% to 23.5% may not seem too big, remember this is a ten year time frame. Lets look at the numbers. If we had 100 households two less families would be together today in comparison to 1990. Now instead of 100 households lets make it 1,000,000.00 households. That would equate to an increase of 20,000 households over 10 years that are not the traditional mom, dad, and child make up. Does this concern you? It does concern me. I believe that our society is only as strong as our marriages and our families.

While there are lots of reasons for the decrease in nuclear families, we must learn how to strengthen families in an effort to combat the demise of the family. For more information on how I believe we can strengthen our marriages you can read my previous newsletters or tips on "Save Your Marriage"



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