Myth #7: After An Affair, Divorce Is Inevitable

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How can Iearn to trust my spouse after an affair?

Myth #7: After An Affair, Divorce Is Inevitable

Many first-time divorcees occur in the wake of an affair. With therapy though, most adulterous marriages can be saved, and may even be stronger and more intimate than they were before the crisis. Dr. Pittman argues that rarely does divorce occur after an affair if the affair is over. However, each subsequent affair lowers the odds of a marriage surviving.



6/29/2009 8:46:57 AM
Jay Ostrowski Licensed Professional Counselor said:

Divorce is not inevitable. Many people can and do work through the pain. Success depends on many factors. Those who have been betrayed once don't want to be supped again.
Professional guidance and supportive friends are essential to evaluate the health of the relationship, make a safe place to vent feelings and support accountability in the marriage. Don't give up!


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