Is it Possible to Fall Back in Love with Each Other?

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Is it possible to fall back in love with each other?

Is it Possible to Fall Back in Love with Each Other?

I am often asked whether is it possible for couples who have "fallen-out of love" to rekindle their love again. My response is that it REALLY DEPENDS. If someone has fallen out of love with their spouse, that individual should search within to find out why. Often I find in situations like this there is someone else involved, or that they no longer find their spouse to be attractive. Such responses appear to me as "the grass is greener on the other side of the fence" statements. Nevertheless, such feelings must be dealt with or the marriage will not make it. Therefore, I recommend that individuals who feel like they no longer love their spouse look within and identify the issues of why they have fallen out of love. This requires complete honesty and truthfulness. If you cannot find it to give your spouse the love they deserve ask yourself what makes you think you could love someone else more?



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