When is a Good Time to Start Having Children?

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How can we tell if we are ready to have a child?

When is a Good Time to Start Having Children?

Having a child is a big committment and should be taken seriously. There are a few good guidelines that I recommend to people.

1st) Do both spouses want to have a child now?
2nd) Are you ready for the responsibility of being a parent?
3rd) Do you feel comfortable with your spouse? In having a child you are inviting a child into your home. Every child deserves a loving home.
4th) Are you ready to give up some of your personal time?
5th) Do you have any unresolved fears?
6th) Are you financially capable of taking care of a child?
7th) Can you give the child the love that it deserves?
8th) Do you feel good about having a child?

If couples can answer these questions with a yes, having a child is a good idea.



10/25/2007 1:50:36 AM
James said:

In my own opinion and experience, tip #7 ought to be tip #3.


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