Is Marriage Supposed to be This Hard?

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Is marriage supposed to be this hard?

Is Marriage Supposed to be This Hard?

Many people have asked me this question, “is marriage supposed to be this hard?” I have spent some time thinking about it and I have come to this conclusion. Marriage requires work, work requires time and effort. A wise man once said, “work is work, if it was something else they would call it something else”. Perhaps this principle holds true in marriage. Marriage is work, if it doesn't take our time and energy what are we doing in it.

My second thought is that we must know the good from the bad in order to grow. In marriage we learn about what is good and bad. We have good times and we have bad times. It is during the trials that we learn about our true colors. We learn who we are and who our spouse is. I have found that if individuals will take the time and effort to improve themselves in developing healthy relationship skills they will find much more joy and satisfaction than they do in simply giving up and quitting. However, as in all relationships it always takes two to make a marriage work.



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