Trick or Treat

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What can I do if my spouse changes after we are married?

Trick or Treat

Has your marriage partner turned out to be the person you thought he or she was while you were dating? Put another way has he/she been a trick or a treat?

If your partner has been a treat you are fortunate. If he/she has been a trick, what are you doing about it? Are you choosing to stay in the marriage and make it work? Have you tried to talk with your spouse about making changes in your marriage? Are you afraid to talk with your spouse about how he/she has changed?

At some point in our marriages we have to make a choice on how to deal with our differences. Unresolved differences continue to push couples apart and ultimately end in divorce, or two people who are unhappily married. Neither of these choices are what we get married for. If you and your spouse are stuck in the mud, discuss together how you can get out. No, that doesn't always mean get a divorce--it could mean counseling, or marriage education classes.

Marriage should be a treat, not a trick.



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