Forgiveness Part III

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How can I better show appreciation for my spouse?

Forgiveness Part III

Dr. Bernard Poduska has written about 10 areas in which we could ask for forgiveness from our spouse. I firmly believe that forgiveness is one of the greatest qualities we can develop in our life.

Forgiveness Part III:

Forgive me for not showing my appreciation. Forgive me for the times I've taken your countless contributions--your gifts of time, effort, and concern--for granted. I sometimes wonder how many times your service and acts of devotion have gone unnoticed. I suppose there have even been times when I thought they were merely your "duty," part of your marital responsibilities. It's true that there are obligations that go with marriage, but it still might have helped if I had expressed my appreciation more often. You might have felt more that you wanted to do these things, rather than that you had to do them. I apologize for the times you had hoped I would notice and were disappointed.



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