No TV! Are You Kidding?

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What do you think about shutting off the t.v. during a marriage?

No TV! Are You Kidding?

While it may seem difficult, I have met a few couples who have not had a t.v. during the first few years of their marriage. They report that this allows them time to develop good patterns such as, reading together, talking, spending time excercising, and enjoying each other. If you want to try a fun experiment shut off the t.v. for one week. Or if you are really courageous shut off the t.v. for one month. See how this influences your relationship.



3/7/2008 8:02:26 PM
Geedubya said:

I got married in Oct 06, by May 07 my wife was having an affair with a co-worker. We're trying to work it out but it's not happening, our evenings are t.v. internet and dvd's. Please marry someone you can spend your nights playing scrabble with because tv/internet is the biggest wrecker of relaitionships!


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