Life Without Marriage

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What would life be like without marriage

Life Without Marriage

You come home from work, throw a frozen pizza in the microwave, pull out a ginger ale, turn on the evening news and wait for the next day to come. Perhaps on the weekend you go play a round of golf with some buddies or you go shopping with your friends. Ah, life without a family. NO worries about getting children to school, no after school ballgames, no one to complain about you being home late, no one to remind you that the front lawn looks like a forest rather than a place where people live. Think of all the things you would miss. Here is my short list:

a) The crying kids who want your hug to comfort them.
b) The runny noses that get all over your clothes and identify you as a dad or mom.
c) The ball games that get you out of work early enough to remember that the sun still does come out and the smile on your child's face when you pull up.
d) The spouse who really does care and love you even though he/she doesn't say it all the time.
e) A kind word after a bad day.

Dang! Maybe marriage isn't so bad after all.



1/17/2007 5:04:17 AM
Lakshmi said:

Too good and very much true.

12/11/2011 2:35:36 AM
Reader said:

Maybe!! ;)


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