What is Emotional Abuse?

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What are some of the signs to look for in abusive relationships?

What is Emotional Abuse?

There are various types of emotional abuse. Below is a list of characteristics that are emotionally abuse.


·Telling a person that they are unwanted

·Telling a person to leave


·Telling the person they are worthless

·Making the person the scapegoat, blaming them for everything


·Does not show attachment

·Does not provide nurturance

·Does not show or express affection

·Physically there, but emotionally unavailable

·Does not recognize the other persons presence

·Uses the “silent treatment”


·Singling out a person to criticize and punish

·Ridiculing him or her for displaying normal emotions

·Having expectations far beyond his or her normal abilities

·Threatening person with death, mutilation and abandonment


·Not allowing person to interact with other

·Restricting person to a room

·Restricting eating to isolation or seclusion

·Restrict/monitoring phone calls


·Allowing minors to use drugs or alcohol

·Forcing others to watch pornographic material or sex acts

·Forcing someone to participate in or witness criminal activities

·Forcing someone to witness cruelty to animals



8/20/2007 7:14:12 PM
michelle said:

i would like to say that i completly agree casue i live this life everyday. i am a mom of three and scared to leave casue i am so depeded on my husband to provide for me and the children. but the pain hurts so bad to the point where i am losing weight again and cant sleep. being called names and put down by your own husband is so down grading. i might not be real smart on some things. i always was the worse speller. but i guess we all have our faults. i just wish no i can have those mircles i see on tv where they give away homes . i dont want to take my three young children to a shelter. its scarry and not right . there is no help out there for woman that need to get some help till she on her feet. i pray to god each night that he < my husband might be saved> but there is no luck. it's been almost 7 years now and i dont know what else to do.

12/5/2007 11:43:11 AM
lam said:

that is so true!!!shit yea!!soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo true!!!

10/12/2011 2:30:49 PM
nicole said:

omg that is so hurtfull


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