The Problem of Mind Reading

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What is the problem with mind reading in a marriage?

The Problem of Mind Reading

When couples try to read the mind of their partner they generally guess wrong. This is especially true in couples who argue a lot. The individual who tries reading the mind of their partner often assume they know what their partner is feeling and thinking. These assumptions are often in error and create more problems. Individuals who expect their spouse to read their mind are asking for trouble and playing an unfair game.



9/3/2009 5:14:36 PM
Tamara said:

I do agree that it is an unfair game.However, there are times that you may guess right and the spouse is too stubborn to admit it, hence the power struggle.Speaking freely to one another is a positive gesture but both parties should be open and listen to his/her partner, and address the issue at hand.

1/5/2012 4:32:37 PM
powens said:

Mu husband and I do this all the time. We are now in counseling for help.


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