Building strengths in stepfamilies

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How can we strengthen the ties in our family?

Building strengths in stepfamilies

The Vishers are experts in helping stepfamilies come together. They suggest that remarried couples should:

1) nurture the couple relationship so that the new marriage will survive and thrive
2) find person space and time to relax and unwind from the challenges of a stepfamily
3) nurture family relationships by spending time with each of the new family members
4) maintain a close parent-child relationship
5) focus on the stepparent-stepchild relationship
6) build family trust
7) stengthen stepfamily ties through a family discussion every week or two
8) work at keeping the bridges open to the children's other household so that co-parenting can work smoothly



2/8/2007 4:33:26 PM
Christy Borgeld said:

The Vishers laid the foundation for many stepfamilies across the United States. Wonderful article.


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