Some Common Abusive Behaviors

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What are some common behaviors in abusive relationships?

Some Common Abusive Behaviors

I am often asked what is abusive and what is normal. Below are some common abusive behaviors that are commonly overlooked.

1) being resentful, jealous, greedy, covetous
2) being selfish and withholds help
3) incurs excessive debt
4) is condescending with spouse
5) is discourteous, crude, disrespectful, indecent, improper, and irreverent toward others
6) seeks the praise of men
7) is easily angered, and often hostile
8) swears, has a bad temper
9) flirts with others than spouse
10)is always complaining, murmuring

These are all abusive behaviors in a relationship. It is important to recognize that such behavior is never appropriate in relationships, especially in marriage.



6/19/2006 7:41:02 PM
Michelle said:

This is so true and not many will sepak of it in this way. Thanks

3/28/2007 12:26:26 PM
Tracy said:

My husband has all of these abusive behaviors. I know I need to leave I just don't know how to tell my heart to let go. He was nice at first until we were married. After marriage it was like he owned me.


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