Ideas for Dealing With Extended Family

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How should we deal with in-laws that are creating problems?

Ideas for Dealing With Extended Family

Many couples have problems with their in-laws or maybe I should say out-laws. Extended family has created many problems in marriages throughout time. My recommendation is to create boundaries between you as a couple and your families. This isn't easy as some extended families really push to keep in control of their children's life. Nevertheless, couples should plan a strategy for maintaining their relationship and keeping it strong if extended families are hurting the marriage. This doesn't have to be a ending of contact, but it may need to be an open discussion with extended family about what type of influence they can be in your lives.



6/26/2007 1:27:23 AM
Ruby said:

hmmm, i don't know. The reason there are problem is because there isn't any "open discussion". In-laws tend to close those doors as far as the daughter or son in law is concerened. SO i don't think that would work


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