How Can We Break Bad Habits in Our Marriage?

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How can we break bad habits in our marriage?

How Can We Break Bad Habits in Our Marriage?

Sometimes in marriage we create bad habits in the way we communicate, the way we help each other, the way we demonstrate our love for each other and many other ways. Some couples have forgotten how to communicate, others simply do not help their spouse, while others so needing to feel loved end up feeling rejected in their effort to get love. Such patterns are possible to break and in many instances if they are not broke the marriage will end. So how can you break old habits? Changing bad habits begins by taking time to identify the habits that you and your partner have. Then it becomes necessary to take the time to evaluate how you have contributed to the problem. The next step is to sit down with your spouse and discuss what needs to happen for change to occur. You discuss your needs and have them discuss their needs. Together create a game plan for breaking the old patterns. This may sound simplistic, but it can be done if two people are willing to listen to each other and then make the changes they agree to.



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