A Book on Wealth and Materialism

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Do you know of any good books that deals with money and spirituality?

A Book on Wealth and Materialism

For those looking for a good book on spiritual nature of American and how it is influencing our society and our families you might want to look at the book titled, "The American paradox: Spiritual hunger in an age of plenty." The book is by David Myers and is published by New Haven, CT, US: Yale University Press. (2000). The following is a short description of the book. The US entering the 21st century is a paradox. Material wealth is at record levels while disturbing social problems indicate a deep spiritual poverty. The author examines how this situation has come to be and how a social renewal can begin again. The author explores the research on social issues from the 1960s through the 1990s and concludes that materialism and radical individualism are at fault. He asserts that the current trend is toward a spirit of optimism, raising self-esteem, and arousing social responsibility. After analyzing the research on programs that deal with social problems the author offers suggestions for which seem to work and why. He concludes by offering positive advice suggesting a renewed social ecology that emphasizes a more society oriented thinking.



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