Reasons For Marital Problems

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What reasons do men and women list for having marital problems?

Reasons For Marital Problems

There are many reason that marriages fail. Below are the most common listed by women and men. Women report infidelity, drinking, abuse, lack of similar values as common reasons for marital problems and divorce. Men often report their wife's affair and their own actions as the most common reason for marital problems. It is interesting that men report their own misbehavior, whereas women say that it is their husbands actions. If you have some ideas why this is I would love to hear from you. You can do that by emailing me a question.



5/16/2007 10:33:18 AM
eureka said:

I feel this is the case because many men struggle with different obligations from society than women; for example, men are more pressured to be promiscuous. These pressures cause many men to concede defeat so that they may fit the stereotype.

8/13/2007 6:17:35 PM
Joan said:

I don't agree with that "tip", I am a woman and I can admit to things that I do wrong in my marriage, not really saying that my husban is the only one to blame, but he may have cause more damage in our relationship than I have.


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