When Good Enough Isn't Good Enough

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What are the consequences of abuse?

When Good Enough Isn't Good Enough

Sometimes in marriage we work and work and believe that if we work hard enough our spouse will start treating us better. Often they will tell us that if we just did this or that they would love us more. Once we meet their request they change their request or add to it. It seems like nothing is good enough. Such situations may make you think that you just aren't a good spouse. The reality is that you are doing your best. It is your spouses issue when they cannot be satisfied with what you do. Do your best, but watch out for the never ending expectation hole that some spouses create in relationships.



8/8/2006 8:23:58 PM
Lina said:

you know this is so true. me and my husband have been together for 8 yrs and while i was pregnant he cheated on me for the first time (that i know of) and things after that hve not been the same. every thing i do is never good enough for him there is always if's and but's. the worst part of all of this is that i really do feel that i am trying my best. he makes me feel so worthless and when i tell him this he says that he is just telling me the way he see's it ( i call it how i see it)


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