Reliable Online Help

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Where can I find help for my marriage online?

Reliable Online Help

Many people looking for individual or marital help online wonder whether they are getting good and reliable help. This tip will offer you a few suggestions to help you in getting the best help you can online. First, make sure that the site you are using has licensed therapists. Most sites will verify their therapists credentials and then post this verification (i.e. Second, ask a few questions of the therapist before you hire them. Things you might ask include: a) where are they licensed; b) how long have they been practicing; 3) do they have experience in treating your specific problem; and 4)what level of education have they received? Anyone who is online charging money should have at least a master's degree. Third, look at the therapists ratings. How have other indivduals rated this client? These suggestions may help you get better assistance if you are looking for marital help online or other individual help. Good luck!



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