How to Create A Daily Temperature Reading

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What is a daily temperature reading in marriage?

How to Create A Daily Temperature Reading

The ability to reveal yourself fully, honestly, and directly--is the lifeblood of intimacy. To do this couples must learn to do a "daily temperature reading" on the relationship. This is a process which includes the following ideas:

1) Appreciation--take turns expressing appreciation for each other
2) New information--in the absence of information, assumptions--often false ones rush it. Tell your partner something to keep the contact alive.
3) Puzzles--Take turns asking each other something you don't understand and your partner can explain.
4) Complaint with request for change--Without placing blame or being judgmental, cite a specific behavior that bothers you and state the behavior you are asking for instead.
5) Hopes-- Share hopes and dreams with each other. These are an important part of keeping your love growing.



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