When All is Said and Done

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What are the things that should matter most in our marriage?

When All is Said and Done

When all is said and done what matters the most in this life? This tip is an invitation to have you consider the things that matter most to you in your life. It might be a good thing to write down the five most important things in your life. Then evaluate how much time you spend on each of those items each day, each week, and each month. You might be surprised how much time you spend on things that matter the least to you. When all is said and done in this life, what do you want to remember the most?



9/1/2011 3:46:07 PM
tony b. said:

This is so true. I was close to losing my wife, twice, and just recently I noticed that I pay more attention to her and the things she does for me. I thank her everyday now.


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